Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Scandinavian Expedition 2010 - Diary Day 8

Here I am, on day 8 of my 2-month Scandinavian adventure, under the Trollveggen, being eaten by mosquitoes and writing.

Today is the first day of my real holiday. Gabriel's excellent organisational skills were awesome in getting us smoothly from one place to another by combining all possible means of public transport. He read every possible leaflet and never left the tourist office until a satisfactory answer had been provided. But man, this is the shit – hitching a ride on top of the Trollstigen, walking an amazing hike down a supersteep trail, bathing in a crystal clear waterfall along the way (super-cold, but super-cool) and just enjoying the breathtaking view, without any rush to go anywhere. Today I felt extreme joy, almost euphoria. This is the kind of stuff I've been longing for for so long. This is the kind of stuff I didn't have a chance to do in Australia, let alone in London, and that I missed so much! This is what really makes me happy.

Click for some of the most amazing pictures.

Right now I'm exhausted after having walked a total of 20km today with the heavy backpack (and if I weren't in a writing frenzy I'd be fast asleep), my right shoulder is all stiff and aching, I haven't had a beer for a week (except for an awfully expensive £8 pint), and I'm totally happy. Sorry if it sounds pathetic, but today I feel really, genuinely, completely and totally happy! I haven't thought about London, about work or about videogames even once in the past seven days and so far, I don't miss any of it. If you've seen the movie "Into the Wild", that's me.

First involuntary hike
I admit it was a bit of a bitch to get back to the main road once the fun hiking part was over. I had to walk 10km with a 20kg rucksack on my back, since hitch-hiking beginner's luck left me and nobody would give me a ride, but that's also part of backpacking and it has to be expected. I eventually got a ride to the campsite where I'm staying right now. I'm in the middle of stunningly beautiful nature, with breathtakingly striking landscapes on both sides of the valley, the sun still high up even though it's almost midnight, and tomorrow morning I'm going to hitch-hike 300km to Trondheim. My first real hitch hiking experience.

Ok, enough blabbering about my state of mind. The next article will be more informative. Good night.

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