Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Scandinavian Expedition 2010 - Diary Day 27

Lordi's Rocktaurant - Rovaniemi
Today I reached the end of my hike in Pyhatunturi national park and in quite a spectacular way, too. No, I didn't run into town screaming hysterically and waving my hands in the air with a wild bear on my toes, nor did I carry a lady in distress (snoring or otherwise) out of a burning forest with my bare arms. I walked to the road in quite an ordinary fashion and got a bus.
Rovaniemi photoalbum.

However, what's to mention is that thunders were roaring in the East and a heavy downpour broke at the very moment I stepped inside the bus. For once, the weather didn't fuck me (although I had to pay 21€ for the ride instead of hitchhiking).

In any case, next stop is Rovaniemi, the last Arctic town, sitting on the Arctic circle itself. Rovaniemi is what I'd call the dullest city ever seen (after Gallivare). Grey and ugly buildings (paneláky), fast foods, a few supermarkets, a shopping centre, a main street lined with pubs. There's the Arktikum, a famous science centre and museum, and there's an old knife factory with a small museum and shop, where the most interesting thing was the lady showing me things. There's also a cemetery with very old graves (the oldest I found was from 1878). Of course, there's also Santa Claus in Rovaniemi, and you have to pay "only" 25€ to see him (and travel a bit out of the town centre). I didn't bother, but at least I know where he gets the money for gifts.

The only really interesting thing (to me, at least) in this town is Lordi. Lordi won the Eurosong contest in 2004 and since he's from here, they treat him as a national hero. The main square is named after Lordi, the band has a memorial in the middle of it, and there's a Lordi restaurant (called Rocktaurant), which is just a fast food in the shopping centre, though. Sadly, the much more interesting bar section was closed when I was around, but at least I could go inside and take some photos.

Have a burger in a stylish horror-like rocktaurant.

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