Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Leaving Christchurch

Today I'm leaving Christchurch, going to Kaikoura for two days and then to Blenheim for work. It's a shame to leave new friends I've made, but I'll deffo see Mira and Taylor again. Taylor is half Swedish and half Maori and he's a really funny guy. Already making plans for my birthday in August, before I even started thinking about it :)

Either way, after almost two weeks in Christchurch, Kaikoura should be a nice change and a cool place to spend a few days. There's some walking along the cliffs and a lot of activities with local fauna (namely whale watching and swimming with dolphins or checking out the seal colony). It's quite costy, $145 for whale watching, which apparently isn't worth the money, so I'll give it a miss, and $165 for swimming with the dolphins, which should be awesome, so I'll most likely go for it, even if it means freezing my butt in the cold water. After Kaikoura, the holiday ends and hard life starts - I've got a pruning job in a big vineyard, which means I'll have to go to leave at 6:30 in the morning and come back at 6 in the afternoon, work for 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, in the cold and rain. I hope to last long enough to make some decent money and wait for the winter to end. Oh yeah, this won't be the comfy office-rat life, like getting up at 8:59 to start work at 9:00 from home, or sitting in a nice chair in a nice office and just stroke the keyboard, sip coffee and eat snacks (but no overcrowded tube and hateful walks on Oxford Street). This'll be hard work, like in the old times! Hope I'm not too old for it.

Anyway, enough blabbering, here are some pictures from the last trip to the mountains. Probably not so exciting (at least not as much as being there), but better than nothing, innit?

A big hello to everyone in the Northern hemisphere, Czech Republic and London alike!

Mt Hutt photos

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