Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A day I want to forget

After a month of relatively happy days in New Zealand, here comes the first time I really wanted the day to be over and forget about it forever. It started with a shitty morning, when I didn't really wake up, because I hadn't really slept.

Matt snores and every night it gets worse and worse. I'm one of those unlucky people with very light sleep who have big trouble sleeping if they hear snoring. Not only can I not fall asleep in such situation, but even by some miracle I do turn in, I keep waking up for the noise.
Each snore is like a saw cutting into my brain and when it has cut deep enough, I'm completely awake and very angry. Snoring has the same effect on me as rap music - it induces a very strong feeling of rage. If I ever had to enter into a fist fight, I'd first have a snoring brain massage, and then I'd beat the crap out of anybody, even though I'm otherwise a very calm and peaceful person.
I tried earplugs, but they're useless - they only muffle sounds, but don't block them off at all. The only chance not to hear snoring, apart from sleeping in the lounge, is music (unless snore vibrations are too strong even for that). Headphones and my favourite Megadeth lullaby usually keep ugly noises away and calm me down, but it's still not the perfect recipe; Even music becomes annoying when you get into proper sleep, not to mention the headphone wires stuck everywhere. But if I turn the music off, I'm back at hearing snores...

Obviously, when I can't sleep properly, I'm really annoyed and grumpy the next day, and I can't even take it out on the snorer, since it's not his/her fault, or at least they don't do it on purpose.

To cut the long story short, I had maybe one hour's sleep last night, so you can imagine how my day started. When we got to the vineyard, I was tired, slow and frustrated that I was falling behind with the work (while Matt, who had merrily slept all night, had no issues whatsoever).

As if it weren't already enough, some bad old memories resurfaced for no particular reason and I kept brooding over them for hours, unable to get them out of my head. Thanks this amazing brew of all kinds of shit I was in a really bad mood for most of the day, and things culminated when those fucking weeds we're working on whipped me over the face one time too many.

At that moment, all the accumulated anger burst out and the only thing that saved those bloody-stupid-hateful-unyielding plants from certain destruction was the fact that I don't usually carry a flamethrower on me. Instead I went berserk on damned weeds and stripped the hell out of them, not caring about broken canes or the fact that in forty minutes of frenzy I got completely exhausted. Luckily for me, it was almost the end of the shift and by the time we finished, I was feeling less pissed off. Then we drove off, went to the supermarket and I had other things to occupy my mind. But hey, what a horrible day!

Now I'm going to make myself a nice big juicy beef steak from good quality New Zealand meat and I really hope that it won't burn. I don't want to have to update this post...

UPDATE: the steak didn't burn. Quite the opposite - it was the first good thing that happened to me today. When I opened the package, the already decently sized flap of meat unfolded and I discovered that it was twice as big (for just 5 dollars), so I have lunch for tomorrow as well. The frying went well, the steak was actually more rare than I had intended, but absolutely delicious. Now I can go to sleep knowing that not everything was fucked up on this fucked up day (but I'd better turn in early to get some sleep before snoreman wakes me up...)


  1. 40 minutes of bezerk! man, not even hulk lasts this long! the old norse berserkers would have voted you their head berserker, for sure!
    herbert, greeting from london

  2. hi Herbert. i dont know about hulk, but i pruned and stripped lots of plants in my berserk, it's somewhat easier than throwing cars around :D

  3. as a real berzerk, though, you would have been throwing heads and limbs and would have "pruned" eyes and tongues. lol ;D



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