Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Mid-summer or mid-winter?

Today was the winter solstice here in the southern hemisphere - the longest night and the shortest day. We had a bbq to celebrate that half winter's already gone and we said hello to it in great style. With a bunch of delicious marinated beef steaks on the grilll. Hmmmm yummy. And all that's left is the second part of NZ winter; the hardest one. July and August are the coldest months down here (they correspond to January and February), and apparently also the wettest (so I may see some more rain after all, so far in a month and a half I only had about a week of rainy days). But all in all, the weather is great for being mid-winter! Frosty in the morning until around 9 o'clock and then sunny, sometimes a little bit windy. I really love the weather in this country. After five years of rain in London, who wouldn't...

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