Wednesday, 8 June 2011

My first kiwi money!

I started working last week and today we got paid. It's not much, since we only started on Wednesday and were in training, but nevertheless, it's my first income after more than a month, and the first cash earned in New Zealand. As soon we get up to speed and start getting paid by carried out work, rather than hourly, the salary should be much more interesting. And what kind of work do I do? I'm a vineyard worker. More specifically, I do pruning (and stripping, when required).

The job consists of going through long rows of plants with big cutters (loppers) and cut all superfluous canes. After pruning comes stripping, which I'd rather call ripping, because it's literally a fight between the plant and the worker, who has to wrestle with the canes and rip them off the wires. After a day's pruning and stripping you end up completely exhausted and full of scratches. With some luck, one of those damn weeds may even poke your eye out.

Sheep eat and shit.
Walking in a vineyard can be a nightmare.
It's a hell of a job (just check the "before" and "after" photos), but it's good to work again, earning money instead of draining savings. I'm really happy to be working outside and doing a physical job again, far far away from offices, computers and all that stuff. I breathe fresh air, enjoy the sun (and the rain), have a good work-out and despite being exhausted at the end of the day, I feel really good.

Pruning lasts until September and I'm planning to work here at least until August. Once I'm fully up to speed I should start earning decent money and then start travelling with what I will have saved when the winter's gone.

Unfortunately, the weather hasn't been that good in the last couple of days, plus I don't have much time to be goofing around, so I was unable to take any decent vineyard-related pictures, but I managed to snatch at least a few.
Lots, heaps and plenty of long, tidy even longer rows of plants...
As a bonus to my current job I've done some wood-chopping. There was a big pile of logs in the hostel's backyard and the owner enthusiastically agreed when I asked if I could do the axework. I love chopping wood and I haven't had the chance to do it for years. The owner offered to pay me in beer, which is my favourite coin, and I had a really good time with Betsy, the big splitting axe. And we had lots of fun taking some pictures. I never knew people make such funny faces when swinging the axe.

Axe rampage in Grovetown

And here's another bunch of photos from a walk in Picton last week.
Picton-ice-tea walk


  1. Axe rampage:))Že sis před tím zahrál Golden Axe:)))

  2. čus MarekDv

  3. Caf Jura. Vyzeras spokojne a fotky su nadherne, tak nex sa dari aj nadalej;)... M.

  4. thx all :) uz sem se bal ze ten blog nikdo necte ze to pisu zbytecne, to se mi ulevilo :D btw, golden axe sem nehral, nejak me to nechytlo, a tady si asi hodne dlouho nezahraju nic. na laptopu nerozbeham ani magicku, bez podpory pixel shader 3... to po roce cestovani pak probehne rok pareni :D

  5. jéé to je sranda, tuhle vinici už teď taky znám :)) tady jsme dělali skirting a net clipping a nejspíš se sem podívám při pruningu 2012 :))


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