Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Seals are not friendly...

As the title says, seals are not friendly...
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Kaikoura is famous for its wildlife. There are several seal colonies and tourists come there by the thousands to see them. Surprisingly, seals aren't friendly animals. They may seem cute in a documentary, but the cuteness ends there. Don't ever try getting close to a seal. They're bloody fast despite the lack of limbs and weighing around 200 kilos, they've got very sharp teeth and don't like to be disturbed. They can cause nasty infectious bites. They don't use Colgate and their mouths are full of rotting fish. As I was approaching the first colony, I was so focused on taking pictures of the landscape that I didn't notice the seals around me. All of a sudden there was an ugly growl just a few metres away that made me jump (in Czech I'd quote kapitán Sobota: "I almost sprayed my underwear") and when I looked around, I realized that I was just a few steps from a bunch of big animals with very big and very yellow teeth. I slowly backed away and steered clear of them, making good use of my camera's zoom instead.

As I was walking around the small Kaikoura peninsula, I reached another colony and took my chances with a lone sleeping beast. I didn't dare to get closer than five meters and just as I was turning back, I heard another growl and here I have to quote kapitán Sobota again. After that, I was glad to climb from the beach up to a very high hill and enjoy the view from above. Alas, at the third, biggest and nicest colony, my camera ran out of juice. I was planning to get back the following day, but my plans changed with the arrival of Matthew and Ramin, two guys I met in Christchurch, also travelling to Blenheim through Kaikoura. More about that in the next post. I guarantee it'll be worth reading.

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