Saturday, 11 June 2011

A week at the vineyard

Saturday evening's here and my first full-time week of pruning is over. We actually worked only four days and a half, because Monday was a bank holiday and on Friday we were thwarted by the weather, but it's more than enough. My co-workers raised the idea of doing a half-day on Sunday to catch up, but for me it's a clear no-go, I'm taking it easy tomorrow, enjoying my day off and catching up with chores such as the laundry, etc. What I really look forward to is being able to sleep-in. I also have a craving for a big juicy steak, and tomorrow there's a market where local farmers sell top quality meat. Yummy. Most importantly, though, I need to rest. Despite feeling quite ok after work, the way I feel at work is a totally different thing. Sore muscles are a thing of the past (very recent past, though) and I'm no longer knackered when I come home. I don't fall asleep right away, I don't drone around the hostel like a zombie, and I can quite easily do things. It's when I'm at the vineyard that I feel the tiredness in every muscle. Sometimes it seems like I'm hanging onto those bloody weeds instead of pulling them with brute force. As far as I can tell, at least one of my coworkers is in the same condition and shares my view on Sunday work - to hell with it.

By the way, since I keep mentioning my coworkers, maybe I should say something about them. Basically, there are two guys I met in Christchurch (on separate occasions, they didn't know each other), one of them gave me the contact for the vineyard job, which I subsequently passed on to the other guy and then we all ended up in the same hostel, sticking together ever since.

Dominik is German and came to New Zealand for the same reason most Germans do - to gain a life experience after school, before either continuing to study or joining the working world back home. Matt, on the other hand, is from Ireland, carpenter by trade and unhappy with the economical situation in his country. He's one of the two people with whom I shared the Kaikoura "Lost in the dark" misadventure. He loves cooking and I love his Irish accent, especially when he says "fárty" (means forty).

There's also Amber, the only girl in our group and the only Kiwi (from Dunedin). We met her here at the hostel and we enjoy her company not only in the lounge, but also in the vineyard (she's wrapping - laying down canes on already pruned plants). She looks really lovely with the green shirt and red hat, almost like Little Red Cap combined with Pipi Longstocking.

Ok, enough writing, I wanted this to be a short post, but as usual the graphomaniac  part of me took over. There were some pics laying around on my hard drive, some of them go well with the "coworker  presentation". I'm still waiting for the perfect sunrise, but even with  the little sun from this morning it should be fine.
Some sunset and sunrise pics.
My camera's always at the ready, waiting for the perfect moment.
Messing around with Matt's swimming gear.
We obviously had energy to burn this morning.

Not so nice when it's raining..
The shit makers.

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