Thursday, 16 June 2011

What are the odds of meeting and old acquaintance in NZ?

More precisely, what are the odds of meeting a person from your hometown, someone you used to hang around with after school, someone you haven't seen for over 13 years, and then you stumble upon them in New Zealand, in the same town, in the same hostel? Well, I don't know what the odds are, but it certainly happens...

Before I start, let me briefly summarize my day today, so much different from yesterday. I'd like to even up the good and bad after yesterday's awesomely angry post. Today was a really good day. It started with a king size breakfast after a decent sleep (I woke up only five times to interact with the snorer on the upper bunk), then a good day at work where I was really satisfied with my results, a generally good mood throughout the morning and afternoon, a delicious steak for dinner, some beers, and then, when I thought it couldn't get any better...

I had heard that there's another Czech person staying at the hostel and today I met him in the kitchen. I approached him, asked if he speaks Czech and when he said yes, we started talking. He introduced himself as Petr and from the very first moment he sounded a bit familiar. At first I just thought he looks like someone I once knew, and didn't bother thinking about it too much. Then I went out to take a leak and probably the fresh air and sudden oxygen influx caused some connection in my brain and I remembered a person I knew many years ago. Could it be? He speaks like him, he has the same name... what if...

I went back inside and asked him straight away: "is your full name Petr Knapp by any chance?". He looked rather bewildered and after a few silent moments I went on: "Petr Knapp from Lhotka". He didn't recognize me for another couple of minutes, until I gave him some hints and he remembered a guy who used to live in Italy (yes, that would be me), but at that point I knew for sure who he was. A schoolmate's friend I used to hang out with back at school in Prague, more than 13 years ago, and haven't seen him since then.

Can you believe it? I mean, two people from Prague is nothing special, but two people who knew each other ages ago and haven't met for more than 13 years, and suddenly they're sitting at the same table, in New Zealand, 25 hours by plane from their homes, in the same town, and in the same hostel? Madness.


  1. the chances are Zero! its rigged

  2. Hey what do you know, it's a small world..


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