Thursday, 14 July 2011

Back to Kaikoura, back to Mt. Fyffe...

Another day, another rainbow...
... back to Lost In The Dark. Or maybe not.

Káča is going there for the weekend and she invited me to come along, but I'll pass. Not that I'm afraid of the challenge, I'd gladly go for a proper weekend hike, maybe catching better weather than last time, but I got other stuff to do (yeah, right), plus she's meeting a friend she didn't see for a while, so they'll have lots to chat about.
Wish that was my house.
I can use the weekend to catch up "un-earned" moneys (it's Thursday and so far I've worked for one day and a half this week). On the other hand... we're starting a bloody awful vineyard tomorrow and I wouldn't mind skipping it; at least I wouldn't be so knackered when we jump to the following vineyard, a much nicer and much more profitable one. Then again, I wouldn't get much rest on a two-day hike...

By the way, did you know that Mt. Fyffe has the exact same elevation as Sněžka? 1602 m.

And speaking about mountains, here's yet another bit of landscape around Blenheim.

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