Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The hazards of vineyard work

Every day we get slashed over face and arms... countless times. That inevitably leads to cuts and bruises, and if you do it like me, i.e. make a deal with the devil (the fastest pruner in the team) and only do the stripping part while he only prunes, not only do you end up totally knackered, but you also look like one of those nutcases with a weakness for razorblades. The picture doesn't really show what I mean (and I don't want to razor-shave it); basically my right forearm is a long series of cuts all the way from the biceps to the wrist. The second picture just shows a little accident Dominic had today. His loppers didn't quite agree on that last cut.

After a day like this, you're entitled to get drunk after one beer. If it has 12% of alcohol, like this Dutch one.

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