Thursday, 7 July 2011

I'm still here and blogging

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Howdy ho, here I am again. Haven't been in touch for a while, since life's quite routine at the moment. I've got quite a set of nice new pictures, though. I can honestly say that I've seen Blenheim from all sides.

About the routine - basically what happens is that each morning is a fight between body and mind; the former wants to stay in bed, while the other struggles to find convincing arguments for getting up, leaving the warm blanket behind and going to work. Usually the prospect of lost income does the trick. My prayers for rain (so I can sleep longer) never reach the weather maker's ears. Once I roll out of the sheets I have a huge breakfast, then we all steel ourselves against the morning frost and start working. It usually takes till nine o'clock to stop shivering in the freezing cold, and by then the day starts getting warmer. The good thing about morning frosts is that they don't last long and they're always followed by warm sunny days. It's actually worse not to have a morning frost, because then there's a likelihood to end up with a windy and/or rainy afternoon.

Work related crap
Pruning is really boring. After the first week it turns into such monotony that not even the fact of being outside, on fresh air, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and singing birds (I'm plugged into my mp3 player anyway), compensates the mindbogglingly dull and slowly dragging hours. Unfortunately, when I'm bored my brain goes into standby mode and as a result I work even slower than usual, which shows on payday. Top it up with the fact that pruning is a damn hard job and after a few days we're all knackered and aching, and you get a picture of how un-enthusiastic I am about it. But it's a job I decided to do and I'm still making decent money, so I'm gonna carry on until the season ends.

Great nutritious value
On the bright side, there are also good things. Most of them pass through my stomach. I started cooking quite a bit, though nothing too complicated, and I'm really enjoying NZ food. Apart from delicious NZ beef steaks, venison meat, smoked wild pig bacon and similar specialities, I'm quite fond of pasta with ragu bolognese (that's my main intake of vegetables) and Czech things. Last week I joined forces with Káča, a Czech girl who's also staying at the hostel, and we made a huge pile of schnitzels. Yummy, just the memory of those awesome flaps with crunchy golden crust makes my mouth water. I also made some chicken soup that was well acclaimed within the various guests' cultural circles (Japanese girls go mad for chicken soup). Tomorrow we're making potato pancakes (bramboráky).

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Playing games
The rest of my free time is usually spent in front of the screen, either blogging, sorting out photos or playing videogames. Yes, that's right - videogames. Somebody might think I'm crazy, being in New Zealand and all that and wasting time playing games, but keep in mind that right now I'm not travelling, but simply living a temporarily routine life consisting of going to work, working, coming back from work and killing time in the evening, once all the daily chores are taken care of. There's not much to do in this place except for drinking, reading, playing scrabble or watching movies, etc. and the occasional weekend trek. And I'm hardly playing anyway, with this cheap little laptop with an integrated graphics card without Pixel Shader support. I can't run any new games and all I've done was to download the good old Doom plus some mediocre hack 'n' slash RPG (Space Hack) I read about in an article about Diablo clones.

Although I don't play any new games, I keep an eye on what's going on in the videogame world (basically, is my daily newspaper). Every now and then I feel a pang of pain when something I was really looking forward to playing is released (2011 is a very juicy year) and all I can do is read the review, watch some videos and scribble another name on my "to-play list" (which is growing exponentially, it'll take me at least six months of intensive catching up when I get back). One thing I'm definitely not going to miss, though, is this piece of marvel I've read about in today's "paper": WG Rearlms 2: Siege Breaker - a Doom/Heretic/Hexen-like total conversion of the good old Duke Nukem 3D. It looks awesome, it's action-pumped and it'll run on my laptop! Hail to the king baby!


  1. Great photos, great read. My daily routine consists of work (in IT, which I am starting to hate) and games/movies/TV Shows (game of thrones, ah). On the other hand, tomorrow I am getting new bike for more than a thousand bucks, hopefully it will be worth it, and at least some change from routine.

    It is interesting reading your blog, this post in particular. You are in New Zealand, from those photos I just want to teleport there instantly, but then I read about the pruning job and just see how much I would hate that :-). Such a contrast.

  2. dont worry, its just a seasonal job you dont have to do. you can come to NZ just for a couple of weeks/months with enough money saved so you dont need to work here. or you can do different jobs, theres plenty of choice, although horticulture is one of the main things. theres fruit picking, pruning, etc. all year round. and i can tell you that after sitting in an office for several years i hated my job as much as i would anything else. its just a matter of routine. the big difference is that pruning lasts for two months, sitting in an office could be a lifetime thing...

  3. You´ve got more fresh air on 1cm cubic in NZ then we have on 1km cubic in CR. No holiday public transport issues, high temperatures (50° heat in some buses are more then enjoyable), no idiots, no racket. Hell, those landscapes are astonishing...

    I hope your´re enjoying your stay as much as you can and looking forward to see you someday over a beer or two ;-)



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