Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Thwarting weather and culture in Blenheim

It's only Wednesday and I've already been off for two days this week. Sunday night was so windy to make the hostel shake and Monday morning wasn't much better. It reminded me of the awful time when I was working as a sweeper in London and had to endure the shitty weather, and I set my mind on not going anywhere. Who cares if I don't earn any money, I'm just not rolling out of bed and going out there.

Tuesday morning was much nicer and after two days of rest I was more than happy to work again. We started a new vineyard with easy plants, beautiful surroundings, and I was filled up with energy for a good job. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm was thwarted by torrential rain at 11:50. There was a nice side-effect, a huge rainbow, but I didn't find a pot of gold to make it worthwhile.

Innovation it's the best!
On Wednesday, for a change, my prayers for a rainy morning were finally fulfilled. We didn't have to get up and nobody went to work. Sweet sleep till 10 am! However, having worked for only half a day this week, I'd rather it didn't rain...

On a completely different note, here's a little example of New Zealand culture: Dominik went to see an art gallery in Blenheim (I'm more and more surprised about this town's resources every day). And to finish off, here's a small example of how New Zealander's innovate English Grammar! Misspelling intended.

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