Monday, 15 August 2011

All hell (a.k.a. Real Winter) breaks loose in New Zealand

Hailstorm. That's a no-go for bbqing in the garden...
Have I ever mentioned how awesome the weather is in Marlborough during winter? I'm sure I did. Many times. Sunshine, warmth, hardly any rain... at least until this week. This week we're finally experiencing real winter conditions, with snow and everything. It's kind of satisfying to see real winter in the middle of winter, but believe me when I say we'd gladly save ourselves this particular satisfaction... Fellow travellers in Auckland, Christchurch, Kaikoura and basically the rest of the country seem to feel the same.

Yesterday we went to our supervisor's place for a bbq and were greeted by a violent hailstorm. He was just showing us something in the garage when all hell broke loose and thousands of icy balls started crashing on the corrugated iron on the roof. This is what it must have been like in London during Nazi air raids in WW2.

Quite a moony morning this morning... Scary.
Today we woke up to into a Blenheim surrounded by completely white hills and swept by a freezing wind continuously picking up. By lunchtime it drove us out of the vineyard and straight into a safe haven (fast food) serving hot coffee. In the afternoon it subsided a bit, only to be replaced by a huge white cloud covering everything and everyone and dumping wet snow onto our miserable heads. That was too much even for the sturdiest snowmen among us and we called it a day.

According to the locals, it hadn't snowed in Blenheim for fifteen years. Aren't we lucky to be here just for the comeback!?

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