Saturday, 27 August 2011

Dehydration is a bitch

All this dehydration talk deserves a nice picture, don't it?
Robin Hood Bay.
I always knew it, but never got to experience it myself, until now. Dehydration sucks, so never stop drinking beer.

This week's weather has been exceptionally warm and after the recent freeze wave, I underestimated my water supplies, bringing only three small bottles (1,8 litres in total) to work. They were gone before lunchtime, which is when the sun really starts hitting. I also had no sunscreen. Bummer.

Plenty of water in here.
When we finally got home and I gulped a tank of water before even saying "water", it was too late; dehydration hit me with headache, dizziness and that dry-hot feeling on the face and ears you sometimes get in very hot and dry places (e.g. if you stick your head inside an oven). The unpleasantness eventually subsided, but it didn't go completely away until three days and a paracetamol pill later. It felt like getting the flu (lump in the throat, dizziness from high temperature and a headache creeping in the back of my head, threatening to come forward).

This was on Monday. On Tuesday I brought 3,8 litres of water to work and drank them to the last drop. Then I had several jugs of beer at the pub and a big mug of tea before bedtime. You don't wanna get dehydrated, never stop drinking beer (didn't I say that already?).

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