Sunday, 21 August 2011

I'm 30 and I'm flying!!! (updated)

Since Monday 8/8/11 my age no longer starts with number two. I have forever left the world of 20-something, and I'm officially in my thirties. That means no more round birthdays for the next ten years, hurray!

UPDATE: I've also uploaded some photos of the below event and a few extras from that day. Simply click on the pictures at the bottom.

Since this one's a bit special, I decided not to celebrate the usual "simply alcohol" way. Don't get me wrong - we did kill two bottles of tequila and half a keg of beer on Saturday, not to mention the winery tour involving wine tastings, but that was just for starters. Here's what I did on August 8th, 2011:

It was an absolutely amazing experience and if you asked me whether I would do it again, the answer would be a loud YES! As a matter of fact, I committed myself to doing it again before I leave New Zealand. Maybe for my next birthday...


  1. Chlape, to byla nejlepší oslava narozenin ever! Posral bych se strachy, ale asi bych odcházel uspokojený... :-)

    Vše nejlepší ke třicetinám!


  2. :D na tebe je to letadlo bohuzel moc maly, jinak bych rek at to prijedes zkusit.

  3. Happy bday you crazy "old" dude!!! You'd think with the age you'd calm down a bit, but neah....that's not for ya, is it? hahaha vvvv nice one this time.


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