Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Vineyard work has ended. In great(ly wet) style

Hell's bells and frozen puddles,
those hills haven't seen snow for fifteen years.
The pruning season is coming to an end, our employer has ran out of work and today was our last day in the field. We actually stopped pruning a while ago and spent the last two weeks tidying up, lifting wires and nailing thousands of plastic clips (wire holders) on the posts. I still have both my thumbs, yeah!

We also did a bit of trimming and wrapping, but today was the end of it. Of course it wouldn't feel right to close this episode without finishing in great style, so I jumped into a tank fitted with a big flamethrower and went wild on the vineyard... in my dreams.

Cold, wet, frozen
No, really, after two months of mostly warm and sunny weather we got soaked to the bone today. Fingers went numb for the cold, puddles of water were actually inside the shoes, and when we finally got back to the hostel, driven only by the vision of a steaming hot shower, we found out that the boiler went bust and there's no warm water. Apparently the cold wave (snow even in Auckland, after 70 years!) made the evening news back home, but I bet nobody noticed a bunch of frozen backpackers unable to take a shower. Like I said, the pruning season ended in great style...

Anyway, we're glad it's over, after almost three months we're quite fed up with pruning. It's still a bit too early to start travelling around the country, so we've arranged some wwoofing (working for food and accommodation) with Mike (our supervisor) and are moving to his farm next week. I'd be lying if I said I don't look forward to the change of scenery. Hopefully his water boiler works properly.

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