Thursday, 15 September 2011

At Mike's

Lamb season. The noise they make!
It's been a while since my last post, reason being I had such a good time and no time for blogging at all. Leaving Blenheim brought me back to life, I never realized how dull the place is until I was away from it. Amber, a fellow backpacker from Grovetown, said she had to leave because the place was too bland, mind-boggling even, and that statement was spot on. It's a nice little quiet town with nothing to do.

Dominik and I stayed at Mike's farm for a week, helping him with some work and being rewarded by his chef skills plus swapping the hostel bunks for nice bedrooms with huge soft beds. A fair price for feeding lambs, building a new fence around the paddock and standing up to our knees in the mud digging an old pipe out of the ground. Another highlight were the sand flies; the damn things love me, I had my own sand fly fan club flying around 24/7, wish I had the same success with girls.

Mike's estate.
Eating, being eaten, trying to hunt a wild pig
Working and being eaten by flies was just part of the fun, though. We also went fishing for trouts and pig hunting. As fishermen, we both failed miserably and we have to thank Mike's luck (or skill, or both) for two delicious smoked trouts waiting for us to do the eating part tonight (hopefully Mike didn't finish the job already).

Hey girls, dinner's ready.
No luck with pigs, either, but that could change today - we're going back to finish the job. Clinton the hunter says last time we mapped the terrain and now that we know where the prize is hiding, we only have to go collect it. His dogs seem to think so, too.

I'm the king of the worl... ehm, hill!!!

After Mike's we headed to Nelson, a lovely and lively town on the northern coast of the South Island, and that's where the fun really started. I'll try to get around and write something about it soon!

Careful, careful, just a few more steps, not a good time for a swim...
Made it!
See that big shark? It's mine!

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