Sunday, 4 September 2011

Goodbye Grovetown

The pruning season is over and it's time for us to say goodbye to the hostel that's been our home for the past three months, and to the people we met here (most of whom are already gone anyway). I've blogged a lot about vineyards, but haven't said anything about the place and the people here. Maybe I'll fix it at some point, but for now let me just say that Saturday's goodbye barbecue was nice and very... filling.

It also gave me a clear sign that it's high time I stopped messing around in vineyards: when I was preparing my juicy 1kg steak, its shape reminded me of a plant and I wanted to prune it...
Grovetown Hotel.
If you're looking for work in Blenheim, try here, Damian (the owner) is quite a capable guy.

Matt, the chef with the giant spatula, and Káča, the Czech with New Zealand in her veins.

The three big ones are mine...

And I'm gonna eat them all!

Dominik is quite the showman (and he can play Iron Maiden).

Yuka, from Japan, taught me how to order a beer in Japanese, now I won't die of starvation when I go there. Lavinia, from Boston, didn't teach me how to order a beer in American, but she's also cool (or sweet as, as they'd say in NZ).

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