Thursday, 1 September 2011

Happy drinkers, unhappy home

This is what you look at if you go to the public toilets at the Blenheim cinema theatre. They seem to take drinking problems really seriously in New Zealand (you should see those touching 5-minute TV spots). The government must be dumping loads of money into this, apparently they're trying to break the "Weekend piss-up" culture, so it's a bit of a shame that after all the brain massage you turn on the radio and the first thing you hear is: "Friday six-pack program, we'll be playing six AC/DC songs and for every one of them you need to drink a can of beer!". Easy to give up that way, innit?


  1. What a great country! Beers and AC/DC on the radio, sigh...

    Enjoy the South Island and make sure to spend some time in Queenstown!

    And I know you don't like rugby that much but please watch a game and have a pint for me as I will struggle to drink at 5am here when I watch the games :)


  2. already watched one mate. all blacks vs wallabes last thursday. was quite fun, especially the beers :)


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