Saturday, 3 September 2011

The nicest last day at work

Chasing dogs and sipping wine with the producer of The Terminator... I wish all last days at work were like this.

Mr. Bruce Kerner and his wife Joanne are former Hollywood producers, now enjoying their retirement in an amazing place called the Kerner Estate, producing wine instead of films. Thanks to their runaway dog, we had the pleasure of meeting them on our last day of work and having a drink together. After giving our sweat and blood to all those vineyards, this was a very nice treat. And we got two bottles of wine from the very plants we pruned!

Only 420 crates are produced each year.
Now, what's with the dog? We had made Mr. Kerner's acquaintance in the morning, had a chat about his stay in Prague in 1993 (touching the subject of Czech beer more than lightly), about Arnold Schwarzenegger's ageing and about a bunch of other topics. Later on he drove his stylish golf cart (ideal for riding around a vineyard) to us again, gave us a leash and asked to try and catch his runaway dog if we see it. We did see it, and we did try to catch it; needless to say our effort was in vane. Poor Matt chased it all over the property before realizing the dog was just playing.

No good deed goes unrewarded, though, and when Dominik and I were about to leave (Matt and Peter had already gone playing golf, not knowing what they were going to miss), the Kerners invited us for a drink in their house (which looks as amazing on the inside as it does on the outside). Thanks guys, it was a pleasure meeting you!

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  1. Now that sounds like a great last day of work. To compare, on my last day of work, I was asked by one of the women who I had been greeting by name a few times a week whether I was a staff member or not. Thanks Michelle! You suck!


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