Thursday, 6 October 2011

Big changes, I bought a pushbike!

Pushbike, or pushy, is the Kiwi and Ozzy term for bicycle. I got one today and for the next three months I'll be cycling around New Zealand. When I decided to visit New Zealand, I wanted to do something different than the mainstream tourist, so instead of buying a car or campervan and comfortably cruising around the place, I opted for something more challenging. Thanks to Devil, a fellow traveller, who inspired me.

The bike thing has been in my mind for a long time, although I had much bigger plans in the beginning. Now it seems like I'll only have three, maybe four months for travelling, instead of the whole year. Unfortunately, I arrived to NZ at the beginning of winter and wanted to a) work and save some money first, and b) wait till the weather got warmer and days longer.

I've been here for more than four months now and I've only just bought the bike. I have to pray that my money will last long enough (I'm already half broke, it's gonna be tricky...) and in January I'll start working in any case, probably until the end of my stay. However, plans in NZ keep constantly changing, so I have no idea what might happen tomorrow. Maybe a careless truck driver will end it all.

In any case, even if I only cycle for three months, I think it'll be long enough to enjoy it. What I'm worried about is that I won't be able to see and do everything I want to see and do here. It's already clear that I won't have the time to visit the North Island. I guess I'll have to extend my stay :)

I'll probably have to cut down on blogging, although I have a lot to write about, but it's such a time eater. I wish there was someone reading my mind and writing for me.

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