Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Cycling NZ - Bluff! The circle is closed

I made it! I finally arrived to Bluff and cycled through the whole South Island, yes! Yes yes yes!!! The circle is finally complete!

Sorry for skipping several weeks worth of cycling and jumping right to this point, but I couldn't wait to blog about it. The rest will come later. Right now I'm totally excited, it's been almost two months since I set off on my cycling trip and today, after many great efforts, I have finally achieved my goal! It's been an amazing adventure, and guess what, it's far from over. Not just because I have to get back north somehow, but also because I still haven't fulfilled the promise to myself - to cycle at least one kilometre for each dollar spent on the bike. The bike with all bits and pieces cost me just over 1900 NZD, and today I've clocked 1536km. Dunedin is about 400 from here...

Ok, back to earth, in case someone wants to know how the rest of the day actually was. It didn't start until 10:00, when I woke up from a long long sleep (I guess I needed it). Considering the unusually generous nap, I buggered off from Riverton around half past twelve, after an abundant brunch (if stuffing oneself with six blueberry muffins and a delicious milk drink can be called brunch).

Day 23 - Tuesday 29 Nov 2011
Distance ridden:
78km; Route: Riverton - Invercargill - Bluff; Weather: sunny, windy (southerly).

I was a bit stressed out about leaving so late, since I'm already behind schedule, but it was no issue. Invercargill is much closer to Riverton than I thought, the road is beautifully flat and for once I didn't have to fight with the wind. At least not until the road turned directly south... There are only 25 km between Invercargill and Bluff, but the road (the last bit of State Highway 1) is so busy with trucks and so windy to make a really unpleasant ride. Good thing I got rewarded not only with a great sense of achievement, but also with great weather and thus with a splendid view from Bluff Hill (you can see Stewart Island and big chunk of the southern coastline).

I also had two interesting encounters - a Polish guy, the first one I've come across in New Zealand (and an easy one to recognize, with Poland written in big letters on the tshirt), and a DOC worker I had met back at Mavora lakes. It's funny how you keep bumping into the same people again and again. New Zealand really is a small country sometimes.

Ok, enough chitchat for now, time to sleep, tomorrow's another big day and this time I expect to enjoy the ride. Let that bloody southerly wind be strong when I ride north... or else!


  1. Got your postcard today - well done on riding so far. Have to admit, I wasn't sure how far you'd get when you left Anakiwa, but you have done what you set out to do - congrats. And if you are passing through, don't forget to come & see us at Anakiwa Backpackers again - you can see how far we've come since you were here :)Tanya & Shayne

  2. :) Yeah, I must have looked quite unconvincing back at the start, but I never really thought about giving up. I cycled another 500km since Bluff, maybe now I'll take a break. And I'll try 'n' do Queen Charlotte with better weather, so you might see me again :)

  3. Jiri!

    We got your postcard mate. West Island indeed... you probably haven't heard the joke:

    Q: What's the worst thing about New Zealand? A: It's above sea level!

    I hope you remembered about the Mac's Great White!


    The girls say "Hi." - Sonja, Marie-Gabrielle, and Marzia.

  4. typical Jeremy humour :) Haven't seen the Mac's yet but will be on the lookout. Some great brews in this country!


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