Thursday, 26 January 2012

Thieves, haircuts and crazy manager make an ordinary day

Just another day in Blenheim. That's what I said to myself yesterday morning, oblivious of the events waiting to happen later on. Chasing thieves, consuming large amounts of alcohol, getting a cherokee haircut, fighting with the hostel manager... So, yes, just "another" day in Blenheim.

It starts with an ending
It was our last day at work and although the job we'd been doing wasn't nearly as boring as wire lifting, my previous task, we were glad it was going to be over. Even skirting (tidying up the plants, removing hanging and dead vines, etc.) gets quite repetitive after two weeks. Since it was hot as hell, we stopped by the river to soak our feet in the cool water. Heaven.

It felt so good that we wanted more goodness and went to buy some beer. Back at the hostel we were greeted by loud rap music coming from the garden, where a bunch of Kiwi youngsters was hanging out. Considering our strong dislike for that kind of music and the fact that our group outnumbered them, their decisions regarding the volume and playlist were quickly overruled.

Rapping robbers
After the exchange of musical opinions, we ignored them and kept to ourselves. Not because of the rap (well, that too), but because they looked dodgy (one of them just got out of jail), plus we could barely understand their thick slang, they didn't seem to understand us, either, and from the few words we exchanged it was clear they're not the smartest lot (how stupid does one have to be to mistake punk rock for white power music). In other words, exactly the kind of people you dislike at first sight.

The fun started when they left. At some point they suddenly disappeared, although they had paid for three nights, and the guys sharing the dorm with them quickly found out that several things were missing - a laptop, some cameras...

They jumped in a car and went after them immediately, while the rest of us had to wait at the hostel, restless and nervous because we couldn't do anything to help. After about an hour the two chasers returned and described almost an action movie story. One of the thieves escaped on a bike (but got caught later), the other one tried to run away, but they chased him with the car, cut him off and eventually the police arrived to arrest him. His backpack was full of laptops, cameras, mobile phones... and he's going to court today. Too bad they're not going to pay us for all the beer they stole from the shared kitchen.

Hairy cut and crazy Vein
After the happy ending, the evening went on rather normally. One beer followed another and then I got this new chick haircut. Later on, the hostel's manager arrived. He's a complete nutter who suffers from extreme outbursts of anger, shouting at people for silly reasons, to be their friend five minutes later. Last night, when he arrived, we said "hello, how was your day?", he replied "you owe me money" and disappeared in his room. He didn't seem much worried about a robbery in his absence. Around midnight we moved inside the house, I went to sleep and the first thing I hear in the morning is that one of the guys got thrown out of the hostel. Apparently, he lit a cigarette in the living room, which was the first mistake, and then he put the butt on a dirty plate, which really did it... apparently, it was the worst outburst of rage ever seen, the guy got thrown out on the spot, and yet, two minutes later the manager was apologising, telling him not to leave this late, and now they're "best friends" again...

Like I said at the beginning, just another day in Blenheim.

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  1. fucking cool story bro! thumbs up for those who chased and got those retarded thieves!


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