Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Day 2 - Boots and Wine

A very relaxed day. The only job consisted of cleaning a stinky drain with some corrosive shit, then I went to town to buy safety boots and got a pair of absolutely cool ones for just 40 bucks (the company does provide free footwear, but I decided to pay the difference for a slightly over-budget pair I fell in love with - Vulture 2599). For the rest of the day I stayed with a colleague, learning about wine making. Finally, the big boss has paid a visit to his winery to check the newest addition, a brand new production hall. He flew in with his helicopter from his lodge in the North Island and brought a bunch of bigjobs from the USA for tastings. About twenty bottles had been opened, tasted and then left untouched. Until the "working class" showed up. Cheers!

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