Monday, 27 February 2012

First day at the winery

Call me Mr. Scrubby. Everything's getting ready for harvest and for the big boss's visit. That means everything's getting sparkling and spotless. And that means that this morning, after filling in a pile of paperwork and receiving health and safety induction, I was assigned to the team with Mr. Bucket, Mr. Brush, Mr. Detergent and Mrs. Hose. It was hard and wet (work). Apart from the above mentioned team mates I also got to use the high pressure water blaster, which was a lot more fun, a lot wetter and a lot steamier. And my back didn't hurt so much after the job. Although the work has nothing to do with wine production as of yet, I've already learned something about it - making wine involves lots of cleaning.

I should probably say more about the winery in itself. There are lots of huge stainless steel tanks, about five metres high, there are two big presses and when they're not being used, they function as swimming pools. There are lots of other devices, such as filters, pumps, etc., but I won't be able to say much about them until I learn more about the whole process.

One of my colleagues, a Swiss guy with bachelor's degree in wine making, confirmed what many people already told me - that in New Zealand wine production is mostly a big industrial process, very different for example from France, where some wineries still use wooden tanks instead of steel ones, etc.

Ok, that's it for now, I need to sleep so I can start my second day in a less tired and clumsy fashion than the post-hard-boozing-weekend Monday. Good night.

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