Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hard working, hard partying

We recently moved into a house, leaving hostel the psychotic hostel manager behind. By "we" I mean a group of friends that formed at the previous place, consisting of a bunch of Czechs and two French guys.
After almost a year of backpacking and camping it's nice to be able to say "my own accommodation" without referring to a tent. The house is nice and tidy, although the pile of beer bottles outside is growing to a scary size, and we've got a friendly and relaxed (again, no psychotic hostel manager) atmosphere. It wasn't so relaxed during last night's party, though. I'm glad no neighbour came at us with a shotgun when we started chopping wood for the fireplace at 3am and then at 5am again.

Our enjoyment was halted only by the unpleasant fact that we ran out of alcohol in the middle of the night and Blenheim isn't a town where you'd find a 24/7 booze shop.

I was planning to work on Sunday, since I'm starting the winery job tomorrow and this weekend was the last opportunity to "enjoy" the vineyard, but at 10am, after five hours' sleep, it didn't sound like such a good plan any more. Everybody, and especially Martin, the only other person willing to work on the day of rest and hangover, agreed that a trip to the supermarket for some fuel would be a better idea. The bike is great for transporting beer.

The other picture shows Martin's breakfast. We all had beef soup and beer, but he seemed to prefer the fancy stuff; apparently, carrot dipped in peanut butter tastes good. I couldn't tell if it's true, he ate the last one!

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