Friday, 17 February 2012

The holiday part of my Working Holiday is over, now it's just the working

I've just come back from the West Coast, my last cycling trip around New Zealand, finished off by a two-day ride from Motueka to Blenheim. The two weeks on the road were really sweet, however, it was a bit sad since I was aware that it was going to be my last ride for a very long time. Having explored most of the South Island and depleted almost all my money, there's nothing else to do but work non-stop till the time comes to fly back to Europe.

After all those months spent in Blenheim doing all sorts of vineyard work, I wanted to try something different, and apple picking sounded like a good option (apparently it's really good money, but also very hard work). Alas, the season in Motueka, the country's biggest apple region, doesn't start until the end of February, which is in two weeks time, and is closely followed by vintage in Marlborough, where I already have a job lined up in one of the local wineries. As a result, apple picking is not an option, and neither is staying idle (and broke) for two whole weeks, so guess where I am again. That's right, in Blenheim, doing yet another vineyard job! This time we're putting nets around the plants to protect ripening grapes from hungry birds' peckers. It's not the most exciting job in the world, but it'll carry me right through the weeks left till vintage. Vintage will finish just before I'm due at Christchurch Airport, and then hurray back to Europe. But don't worry about my bike, it's not going to be forgotten, I have big plans with my newly discovered passion!

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