Friday, 16 March 2012

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub. Call me Scruffy

Another week has gone by and the winery looks much cleaner than a few days ago. We've scrubbed literally from the roof, thousands of litres of water have been sprayed and blasted at dirty surfaces, kilograms of detergents and other chemicals have purged dust, rust, tartrates and germs from the place. Many more are yet to be used and sprayed.

Everybody worked hard, but something tells me that the job that kept me and Emily, my French colleague, busy for the last two days, was by far the most challenging. We cleaned the destemmer. The destemmer is a machine designed to separate grapes from leaves, stems and all other crap that gets collected during harvest. It's very difficult to clean under normal circumstances, everything needs to be scrubbed and made as shiny as a mighty knight's armour. We didn't work under normal circumstances, though. Our destemmer hadn't been cleaned last year...

Monday, 12 March 2012

Third week at the winery - a hermit among the crowd

Deja-vu? No, just another Sunday morning.
Cleaning tanks, cutting weeds, flying in a helicopter, becoming a hermit on temp-contract... in other words, pretty uneventful two weeks.

The last fortnight has been pretty quiet, but quite interesting. Even though I haven't done much stuff related to wine, I did lots of different jobs that were new to me, and none of them was as repetitive and boring as vineyard work. Weed whacking was good fun and although the bosses seem to consider it a necessary evil, I hadn't had enough even after three days. Some people think of it as punishment for naughty employees (e.g. those who turn up hangover), so I needn't worry about that, haha.