Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A few quick words from Sydney Airport

on the plane, as we finally took off from chch, it dawned on me for the umpteenth time that i'm really leaving, that my nz holiday really is over and there's no coming back. shit that was sad. it's funny how the same place can give so different impressions. when i flew to new zealand, every stop - dubai, bangcock and sydney were all new, interesing, and sydney was a nostalgic return to a city i really like. now, on the short stop flying from nz, sydney couldn't feel more different. unsmiling grumpy security people and shop people, everyone string and looking for anything suspicous... just not nice. absolutely nothing like the casual chat with the christchurch security guy who scanned me and at the same time was keen on small talk and happy to hear i liked nz and want to return.

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