Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Flight over Greenland and Northern Canada!

What amazing scenery, half of my Amsterdam to Calgary flight saw me glued to the window, staring open mouthedly at picturesque fjords, frozen beaches, and hundreds of razor sharps peaks coated in snow. Further inland the peaks started to disappear in what I thought was fog, until I realized it was snow... so much snow that it buried entire mountains under a single, uniform sheet of whiteness.

Later on, the landscape mutated into Hudson Bay; a sea of ice, enormous sheets of ice riddled with cracks the shape of lightning bolts, protruding beyond the horizon. The wonder was far from over, though, we still had the Canadian tundra to cross. Again a uniform, infinite expanse of land with nothing but the occasional dune or lone tree sticking out of the snowy whiteness. Not a single building, road, or any other sign of life for thousands of kilometres.

And then came the prairies. All snow disappeared, giving space to a brown checkerboard of geometrically perfect chunks of land, divided by roads and the occasional muddy canyon. In the distance, prairies were abruptly cut-off by a solid wall - the Rocky Mountains.

This stunningly scenic flight didn't come cheap, though. After past disappointments I made sure to pick the right seat - by the window and far away from the wing. Thus, I could not believe my eyes when I reached my row and there was no window! I checked my boarding pass several times but there was no mistake - of all the available seats I ended up choosing the single windowless spot on the entire plane.

Speechless, I sat down next to a skinny girl and brooded over my predicament until I noticed that the guy in front of me was planning to sleep through the whole flight. To my great relief, he agreed to switch places and I was able to enjoy the view after all, but it came at a price - there was no skinny girl sitting in that row, instead I ended up squeezed next to an elderly woman the size of a wrestler...

What an incredible, scenically uncomfortable flight!